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PearlScan™: a new system for counting, documenting and measuring single & multi-strand pearl necklaces

PearlScan™ is a newly introduced system developed by SSEF that permits to count and measure the dimensions of large quantities of pearls on strands in an efficient manner. Consisting of an A4 scanner, computer and proprietary software this tool offers the pearl industry a new way of documenting pearl necklaces.


A complex algorithm was developed to detect different strands, count pearls, measure the diameter of pearls, separate pearls from other elements (e.g. knots, diamonds and other decorative elements), calculate a roundness factor for each pearl and measure the length of each strand. The system is semi-automated so that user intervention is welcomed in order to optimise and review output.


Initially, PearlScan™ was developed and tested for our own needs in the SSEF laboratory. The success of the product has led us to now offering this system for sale to the pearl trade. Importantly, because the value of a pearl is also determined by its size (i.e. diameter) it is thus useful for the pearl industry to have an efficient and reliable tool to measure and document the size and number of pearls on single and multi-strand pearl necklaces.


We are convinced that PearlScan™ is a viable, efficient and cost-effective product for the pearl industry as it offers:

-        Ease of use

-        Efficient and automated measurement of pearl size (diameter)

-        Detailed report of number and diameter of each pearl on each strand

-        Documentation image

-        Shape roundness factor

-        Detailed scan report for documentation


PearlScan™ was developed and is now being sold to the pearl trade by SSEF in our mission to develop niche technology for the trade and supporting the pearl industry. PearlScan® is sold through SSEF’s subsidiary SATT Gems SA. The new system will be unveiled and presented at the BaselWorld show 25-27 March 2017, to fix an appointment please contact us. For more information also visit