Portable UV-Vis

Developed in collaboration with scientists from the University of Basel, this portable spectrometer is a powerful gemmological tool. It can be used for various in applications for coloured gemstones, but this model is not useful for diamonds. Conceived specifically to resolve gemmological questions, this is a cost-effective solution that combines absorption, transmission and luminescence spectrometry. It is simple to use and highly mobile offering a USB port connection to any laptop computer.

portable uv vis

How can the SSEF portable Spectro be used for gemstone analysis?

portable spectrometer uv vis
  • Detection of copper in blue tourmaline (Paraiba-type or not?)
  • Distinguish Fe-bearing rubies from Fe-poor rubies (e.g. from Burma)
  • Distinguish Fe-bearing emeralds (e.g. Brazil and Zambia) from Fe-poor emeralds (e.g. from Colombia)
  • Detection of green dye in jadeite
  • Detection of chromium in green jadeite
  • Indication of origin of sapphires
  • Diamond spectrum (e.g. Cape Ia diamonds)

In luminescence spectrometry mode:

  • Distinguish natural and flux synthetic red spinel
  • Analyze diamond luminescence
  • Analyze fluorescent fissure fillings, e.g. polymer treated jadeite (B-Jade)
  • Register chromium in sapphires below XRF detection limit and a number of other applications